8 Months

-Learned how to clap his hands! It's the cutest thing ever!

-Cash got his bottom two teeth! 

-Is growing too fast- he is already size 12 months clothes.

-As of last week, now sleeps on his tummy or side. We took the Dock-a-tot out of his crib and it took a couples days for him to adjust. 

-Basically the happiest baby all the time and is so much fun! I love his personality. He definitely has tons of energy.

-Not crawling yet... but so close! I can tell he really wants to! 

7 Months

-Cash is sitting up like a champ now! 

-He loves his baby food. He loves grabbing the spoon so he can feed himself. (Which makes eating VERY messy and get everywhere.)

-He is loving books more now, still loves jumping in his jumparoo, and basically doesnt stop moving. 

-Still sleeping amazing (We're talking 12 hours straight at night, and 3 naps during the day.) 

-Still so giggly and smiley. He literally lights up a room and smiles at everyone. Just say "hi" to him and he'll give you a huge grin. Everyone that sees us out and about always says how happy and smiley he is! And its so true! Never met a more happy baby! 

-wearing 6-9 month clothes but is growing out of some of them. blowing my mind how big he is getting. slow down!

-no teeth yet! i feel his bottom 2 teeth under there though, so I feel like any time they could pop through!

-loves our dog asher more and more each day and gets SO excited when asher licks his toes or when asher comes near him. asher on the other hand, keeps his distance haha. 

Hawaii 2018

Mid March we took a trip to Hawaii for Braiden's company! We stayed in Turtle Bay Resort and brought my Mom to tag along and help watch Cash. We had a blast and it was so much fun enjoying it with Cash! Cash loved splashing in the pool, the ocean water was a little too cold for his liking but loved watching the waves and the breeze in his face. 

5/6 Months Old

So this past month has been crazy for us and I totally spaced on Cash's 5 month update! #momfail So this is more of a 5/6 month update :)

-Mid January we moved to Texas!! We drove all the way from Utah to Texas in 2 days!

-Braiden and I got sick literally the day we got to our apartment in Prosper and then 2 days later Cash got sick too :( We thought it was just a normal cold but after 3 days of him being sick and his cough not getting any better, we ended up taking him to Urgent care on a Monday night. We waited for what seemed like forever (but was probably about an hour) and when they tested his oxygen levels they said they couldn't send us home and that we would have to take him to the Children's Hospital right away. So at 9pm at night we made the 20 minute drive to the hospital. After getting checked in and getting Cash in the most adorable little baby hospital gown, they told us he had bronchiolitis. He had so much mucus in his nose and chest that they did a suction treatment which helped clear him up a ton(not fun at all. He HATED it and had to swaddle his arms down. It was so sad and broke my heart.) They monitored him afterwards just to makes sure his levels and oxygen stayed up and then we got the okay to go home! We had a really rough few days and lots of sleepless nights. Honestly having a sick baby is one of the saddest things ever. I felt so helpless and just wanted to make him feel better and loved. About a week later we got our happy little guy back to normal :) 

-CASH IS SLEEP TRAINED. HALLELUJAH. Around 4.5 months we sleep trained Mr. Cash. We did the Ferber Method (basically a modified cry it out method) It was rough the first night with him waking up frequently thought the night crying- but everyday and night it slowly got better and better and he caught on to it after a couple of days. It was amazing to see him learn how to fall asleep all on his own without having to be rocked or fed to sleep or need a pacifier. Consistency was key. Now I can just lay him down and he will put himself to sleep! It's amazing. He sleeps from about 7pm-7am and sometimes will wake up around 4am to eat. 

-He is SO smiley and giggly. 

-Also so ticklish! He busts up laughing when we tickle his armpits, tummy, hands, or feet. I love it. 

-Still loves his bouncer. He loves to jump and bounce and even when holding him he won't sit still. 

-Rolling all around! 

-He is wearing 6-9 months clothes (but I'm still squeezing him into 3-6 month clothes because I'm in denial that he's getting that big.)

-At 5.5 months Cash tried his first food! He first tried sweet potatoes and wasn't too impressed. But after trying more and more different foods he now likes bananas, apples, and pears but he's not a fan of green beens, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash. Basically just likes fruits so far, no veggies ;)

-Makes the cutest noises and still loves blowing bubbles. 

-We're practicing sitting up and he's been doing pretty good! 

4 Months Old

Cash is such a happy baby- give him a smile and he'll give you a huge grin. His smile is my favorite. 

Cash learned how to roll from tummy to back and doesn't mind tummy time now! He's lifting his head super well! 

He also learned how to blow bubbles and it's literally the cutest thing ever. 

Cash had his first Christmas and it was so much fun! We got to spend time with all of our families which was so special. 

Cash puts everything in his mouth (so much drool!) and found his toes- he loves grabbing them and pulls his socks off all the time!

His sleeping has regressed (thanks 4 month sleep regression...) but we are ready to sleep train here pretty soon once we move to Texas. Mama wants her sleep back!

Cash had his first cold which was no fun. He lingered on for 1.5 weeks but is all better now. It's the worst seeing your child sick!

Loves his Jumperoo and could jump all. day. long. He has a blast in it!

He is wearing 3 month + 3-6 month clothes,  in size 2 diapers, and is 13lbs 11 oz and 24.5 inches long. He is on the smaller end of the charts but his pediatrician says its because he is such an active boy! He even commented on how much of a mover he was at his 4 month check up... just like his dad! 

Time is flying by and we are in shock at how grown up Cash is. He is the light of our lives and is so much fun!! 

Blessing Day

On November 26th Cash got blessed in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We had so many family and friends come to support us and Cash on his special day. Braiden gave a beautiful blessing and of course I cried through all of it. We feel so blessed to have such a perfect child who fills our lives with so much happiness! 

3 Months Old

Cash loves sucking on his thumb and fingers, and holding his hands together.

 He is sleeping better at night, between 4-8 hours straight.

Went on his first airplane to Texas to visit our friends Jordan, Taylor, and Emmitt. He did SO good and slept for most of the flights! 

He is laughing so much and smiles all the time. He loves it when dad tickles him with his scratchy facial hair- gets him laughing every time! And loves it when mom kisses him hands or makes a kissy noise. 

Like to hear his voice and has been "talking" so much lately. 

Cash is overall a very happy baby and we love him and his little chubby self so much! 

2 Months Old

How is our little man already two months old!? Braiden and I are seriously SO obsessed with him. All day long Braiden and I both takes turns trying to make him smile and giggle. It's so fun! Cash smiles constantly (like today when I thought he was ready for a nap and was getting him to sleep- he just looks at me and smiles huge and kicks his legs! Daddy eventually just played with him until he fell asleep.)

We have had a rough couple of nights these last few weeks though. We are on a pretty good schedule and have our night time routine down and Cash will sleep a good 5 hour chunk, and then will wake up every 2 hours to eat. But some nights he wakes up every hour. Mr. Cash has had some tummy problems and it's no fun and we are pretty sure it is resulting in poor sleep. We are a bit exhausted and tired over here but his cuteness and fun personality totally makes up for it! 

-Weighs 10 lbs 13oz, 22.5 inches long

-Laughed for the first time! (..of course at dad) and his mouth found his fist- he loves to suck on it and it's the cutest thing ever.

-Cash loves when dad plays with him and thinks Dad is way more fun than Mama.

-Cash loves to kick and move his cute little body around

-Bath time is the best time of the day!

-But tummy time is the absolute worst time of the day

-Wears some newborn clothes still + is now in 0-3. Just this last week made it to size 1 diapers!

1 Month Old

Our little man is 1 month old today! Where is the time going?! I literally feel like it was just last week that we were in the hospital with him. Cash is literally the best baby ever! We had a rough beginning with him being in the NICU for a couple of days due to some respiratory issues and then once we got home figuring out he had reflux... but we've learned how to deal with it and he is so much happier now!

-Cash loves to lay/sleep on our chest (my absolute favorite thing in the world.. I'm enjoying it while he is still so small and loves to snuggle!)

-Loves his binky. 

-Love his carseat and going on car rides/ stroller rides (mom likes it too because it makes running errands so much easier when he is fast asleep!!!)

-At night wakes up every 2-4 hours for feedings. Since we feed him formula, I take the night shift and do feedings usually until around 4/5 and Braiden takes over the early shift so we both get some sleep. (Thank you Braiden for being the best daddy!)

-He makes the cutest little noises and facial expressions when he is awake and alert. 

This month has definitely been an adjustment for all of us but we are getting the hang of things around here. I love my little buddy so much. I am so grateful that God has given me this perfect little boy to raise and love. And look at his cute little smile! 

Cash Robert Wagner | Birth Story 8.25.17

So it all started on August 24th, the day before my due date. I lost my mucus plug that morning and then headed to my last doctors appointment. I was only dialed to a 1 and about 70% effaced. We had an induction date for August 29th just in case I went over.. and honestly I was expecting he would never come and I'd have to get induced. Well my doctor did a quick membrane sweep to see if that would help move things along. Well, apparently it did! I had my normal braxton hicks contractions like I did everyday, but now they were accompanied with a cramp achy pain like a period cramp. Braiden and I went about our day and ran some errands. The contractions were starting to become very painful and to the point where I would be in tears sometimes through them! I timed them and they weren't consistent at all. Some 7 minutes apart, 30 minutes, 12 minutes. We then went up to Lehi so Braiden could help my mom and step dad move into their new house. I sat on their living room floor in pain timing my contractions and they slowly were getting closer and closer together while Braiden helped them move in some furniture. Finally they were then consistent 3-5 minutes apart for more than an hour and way too painful and that's when we hoped in Braiden's truck and headed to the hospital! 

We got to the hospital around 7:30pm and got checked in to be monitored for an hour to see if this was the real deal. I was still only dialed to 1 when we got there but the hour went by and I was then dialed to a 3! YAY! We were so excited we got to stay and have this baby! Our best friends Jeff and Kenzi went to our house and got our hospital bags because we went straight from my mom's house to the hospital. 

I then got my IV, and then the anesthesiologist came in and gave me my epidural. I was super nervous for this and held Braiden's hand the whole time. Braiden ended up having indents of my nails on his hands from me squeezing so hard! (Sorry babe!) Then when I was dialed to a 4 they broke my water. Let me tell you, epidurals are AMAZING. My contractions were so painful and once that epidural kicked in it took away all my pain! We then tried to get some rest because we were so tired. Braiden ended up falling asleep but I never fully went to sleep unfortunately due to the shakes. I couldn't help it, my body would just shake and I couldn't get my mind off of it. My nurse told me that it's completely normal and lots of women shake when they're in labor. I just ate some ice chips and listened to some music waiting for baby to come. 

Every time they checked me I was thankfully progressing a centimeter every hour and by 2:45 was dialed to a 7!

Around 5am I was dialed to a 9 and I also got super nauseous and threw up- my nurse then gave me some medicine in my IV for the nausea that helped a ton. My cute photographer Charissa showed up and it was go time!

Once I was dialed to a 10 my doctor, Dr. Reese, needed to try to turn Cash's head around because he facing upward instead of down. We waited a bit and Cash still didn't turn his head so around on his own so it was time to push! I started pushing around 7am. Braiden was such a huge help! He was amazing at getting me though all the contractions and pushing. He kept telling me to keep going and encouraged me know when to push harder when I needed to. Pushing was the most exhausting part especially because I was going on no sleep. Cash turned his head a little bit during pushing but ended up turning it around right as he was coming out (because my doctor, Dr. Thorpe, did an episiotomy on me.. woohoo) I could feel a ton of pressure down there which helped me know when to push. I ended up pushing a total of 1.5 hours and he was out! I didn't even realize he was out because I was closing my eyes concentrating on pushing and then they told me to open my eyes and I was in shock that he was actually here! They layed him on me and I immediately started crying. It was the best moment ever finally meeting him. Since he didn't cry right away they had to take him away for a few minutes. Once they got him to cry and breath right, they brought him over to me to do skin-to-skin- which is my absolute favorite! I felt so close to him and was filled with so much love. Cash weighed 7lbs 5 oz and was 19 inches long born at 8:32am.

I absolutely loved my labor and delivery experience. It was probably the hardest thing I have ever done but the most rewarding thing in the entire world. We love our sweet Cash Robert and feel so blessed to have him in our lives. 

Photography by: Charrisa Lee Photography

Maternity Photos | 38 Weeks

We planned this shoot super last minute but I am so glad we did! Everyone kept asking me if we were getting maternity pictures taken and we didn't have anything scheduled just with how crazy things have been with Braiden being in Florida and us moving into our new place. But my friend Heather (yes, we are both photographers, both from CA, and our husbands almost have the same name...Brendan and Braiden haha) and I planned this shoot and it turned out so well! We may have had a hard time finding this field, and we did get rained on, but I am so happy with how they turned out! Check out her site here :)

Ive been feeling pretty good lately- my braxton hicks are getting more frequent and a lot more uncomfortable. I have lots more aches and pains and sleeping is still a joke. I pretty much toss and turn and get up 5 times to pee every night haha! And still struggling with heartburn. I'm also up to 138 lbs!

We just moved into a cute little old home in Provo 2 weeks ago and now that we are settled in, I feel so ready for him to join our family and to have a little babe in our home! :)

We are SO ready for you to come little guy! We are getting impatient! 

Baby Shower | 37 Weeks

Little boy Wagner was sure spoiled this last weekend! My best friend Kenzi, my mama, and sister Kayla planned the most beautiful shower. Kenzi should seriously get into event planning cause she totally went above and beyond with all these adorable decorations. We of course had to have a Nothing Bundt Cake- it was white chocolate raspberry and I was in heaven. We can't wait for baby boy to get here! 

Anna Maria Island (4th of July) | 32 Weeks

Went to our all time favorite beach in Florida with our besties Jeff and Kenzi! Kenzi was in town for the 4th of July visiting Jeff and I was so happy to have her in town! Anna Maria Island isn't that crowded, the white sand is soon soft, and the clear water is super warm. Almost too warm! 

Cocoa Beach | 27 Weeks

On Sunday we drove to the coast and went to Cocoa beach! My little sis served her LDS mission in this area and this is the beach she told us to go to. There's also a huge Ron Jon's Surf Shop that we had to stop off at. The guys played catch in the water while I floated around and enjoyed the warm water. The sand was burning hot so we hurried and snagged theses photos while our feet secretly were on fire! Love this handsome man of mine, summertime, and our growing baby boy! Just embracing my new "summer bod" and rocking a bikini ;) 

27 weeks! Crazy to think that this coming Friday is the start to my THIRD trimester. 

-Back aches galore!

-It's been hard sleeping and I just wake up all night long either to pee or to try and get comfortable. It's harder to get in and out of bed these days with the belly getting bigger haha! 

-Baby still is an active little guy. He gets the craziest when I lay on my side and he kicks and punches on both of my sides- gets very uncomfortable but also fun to see him so active in there! 

-Also got my glucose test results back and everything came back good! No gestational diabetes, woohoo! I thought the drink actually tasted pretty good- just like a melted orange popsicle! In the hour between drinking the drink and getting my blood drawn I was just super nauseous and felt really icky; Probably due to the fact that I didn't eat much beforehand. But not bad at all! Also, at my last appointment I was 125 lbs. I started at 117 lbs at my first doctors appointment at 10 weeks so not too much weight gain yet! 


Happy Mothers Day | 25 weeks

Sunday was my first time celebrating mothers day! (technically.. some people may not count it yet but I sure am!) We have wanted a family for so long and it makes it that much more special to me to finally become a mom :) I am so grateful to be pregnant with this little guy and that Braiden and I get to be parents real soon.

Happy 25 weeks!

-So. Much. Kicking. I think baby is breakdancing or practing his soccer skills in there or something because he moves constantly. Especially at night, in the morning, and when I'm sitting down at my computer. I still love it!! 

-Braxton hicks have started- I get them very frequently but had 2 the other day so I guess things are just practicing and getting ready for the big day!

-Crazy sciatica pain is gone for now- thank goodness!

22 Weeks

I want to try and be better at documenting my pregnancy so here we go! We hit 22 weeks and honestly this pregnancy feels like it is flying by. I can't believe we are already MORE than halfway there to meeting our little guy. A few things as of lately:

-Morning sickness is still hanging around.. I am taking a Unisom + B6 every night per my doctor though. I've been taking that since about week 14 since the nausea and throwing up daily wasn't going away. It has been a miracle worker but for some reason about once a week I still get sick randomly. BUT, I will take being sick once a week over being sick every single day without fail. So looking on the bright side and calling it a win! 

-PAIN. Sciatica pain and round ligament pain have both come on like crazy this week. The worst is when I'm trying to sleep, I can barely move some nights.  

-Baby boy moves and kick so much! It's my absolute favorite thing ever. Baby started moving around 19 weeks and every week the movements and kicks get stronger and stronger. Braiden first felt him from the outside of my belly at 20 weeks. It's so fun and I love it! I feel like we have an active little guy on our hands! 

Family Florida Trip | 19 Weeks

Early April we took a week long vacation with my in-laws to Orlando, FL! This was my first time at Disney world and it did not disappoint. It was especially fun getting to experience Disney world with our sweet nieces Millie and Mae. 

On Sunday we went to Anna Marie Island and it was absolutely amazing! The sand was so soft and the water was clear and warm. I also hit 19 weeks during our trip and baby has made his appearance. No more hiding the belly! 


bathing suits: Kortni Jeane

You and I

Braiden and I had the opportunity to be photographed by the amazing Jessica Casperson and it was the perfect time to get some updated family portraits of just the two of us before our babe joins us this August! We had so much fun working with Jessica (as you can tell by my dorky scrunched up nose in the photos where I'm laughing) and it was so fun to be in front of the camera with my lover for once. It's rare we get our photos taken and never regret it when we do. We even got to dance and twirl with some bison which was pretty awesome. Oh and doesn't my hubby look smoking hot in that jean jacket!? (all the heart eyes for him)