Maternity Photos | 38 Weeks

We planned this shoot super last minute but I am so glad we did! Everyone kept asking me if we were getting maternity pictures taken and we didn't have anything scheduled just with how crazy things have been with Braiden being in Florida and us moving into our new place. But my friend Heather (yes, we are both photographers, both from CA, and our husbands almost have the same name...Brendan and Braiden haha) and I planned this shoot and it turned out so well! We may have had a hard time finding this field, and we did get rained on, but I am so happy with how they turned out! Check out her site here :)

Ive been feeling pretty good lately- my braxton hicks are getting more frequent and a lot more uncomfortable. I have lots more aches and pains and sleeping is still a joke. I pretty much toss and turn and get up 5 times to pee every night haha! And still struggling with heartburn. I'm also up to 138 lbs!

We just moved into a cute little old home in Provo 2 weeks ago and now that we are settled in, I feel so ready for him to join our family and to have a little babe in our home! :)

We are SO ready for you to come little guy! We are getting impatient!