5/6 Months Old

So this past month has been crazy for us and I totally spaced on Cash's 5 month update! #momfail So this is more of a 5/6 month update :)

-Mid January we moved to Texas!! We drove all the way from Utah to Texas in 2 days!

-Braiden and I got sick literally the day we got to our apartment in Prosper and then 2 days later Cash got sick too :( We thought it was just a normal cold but after 3 days of him being sick and his cough not getting any better, we ended up taking him to Urgent care on a Monday night. We waited for what seemed like forever (but was probably about an hour) and when they tested his oxygen levels they said they couldn't send us home and that we would have to take him to the Children's Hospital right away. So at 9pm at night we made the 20 minute drive to the hospital. After getting checked in and getting Cash in the most adorable little baby hospital gown, they told us he had bronchiolitis. He had so much mucus in his nose and chest that they did a suction treatment which helped clear him up a ton(not fun at all. He HATED it and had to swaddle his arms down. It was so sad and broke my heart.) They monitored him afterwards just to makes sure his levels and oxygen stayed up and then we got the okay to go home! We had a really rough few days and lots of sleepless nights. Honestly having a sick baby is one of the saddest things ever. I felt so helpless and just wanted to make him feel better and loved. About a week later we got our happy little guy back to normal :) 

-CASH IS SLEEP TRAINED. HALLELUJAH. Around 4.5 months we sleep trained Mr. Cash. We did the Ferber Method (basically a modified cry it out method) It was rough the first night with him waking up frequently thought the night crying- but everyday and night it slowly got better and better and he caught on to it after a couple of days. It was amazing to see him learn how to fall asleep all on his own without having to be rocked or fed to sleep or need a pacifier. Consistency was key. Now I can just lay him down and he will put himself to sleep! It's amazing. He sleeps from about 7pm-7am and sometimes will wake up around 4am to eat. 

-He is SO smiley and giggly. 

-Also so ticklish! He busts up laughing when we tickle his armpits, tummy, hands, or feet. I love it. 

-Still loves his bouncer. He loves to jump and bounce and even when holding him he won't sit still. 

-Rolling all around! 

-He is wearing 6-9 months clothes (but I'm still squeezing him into 3-6 month clothes because I'm in denial that he's getting that big.)

-At 5.5 months Cash tried his first food! He first tried sweet potatoes and wasn't too impressed. But after trying more and more different foods he now likes bananas, apples, and pears but he's not a fan of green beens, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash. Basically just likes fruits so far, no veggies ;)

-Makes the cutest noises and still loves blowing bubbles. 

-We're practicing sitting up and he's been doing pretty good!