2 Months Old

How is our little man already two months old!? Braiden and I are seriously SO obsessed with him. All day long Braiden and I both takes turns trying to make him smile and giggle. It's so fun! Cash smiles constantly (like today when I thought he was ready for a nap and was getting him to sleep- he just looks at me and smiles huge and kicks his legs! Daddy eventually just played with him until he fell asleep.)

We have had a rough couple of nights these last few weeks though. We are on a pretty good schedule and have our night time routine down and Cash will sleep a good 5 hour chunk, and then will wake up every 2 hours to eat. But some nights he wakes up every hour. Mr. Cash has had some tummy problems and it's no fun and we are pretty sure it is resulting in poor sleep. We are a bit exhausted and tired over here but his cuteness and fun personality totally makes up for it! 

-Weighs 10 lbs 13oz, 22.5 inches long

-Laughed for the first time! (..of course at dad) and his mouth found his fist- he loves to suck on it and it's the cutest thing ever.

-Cash loves when dad plays with him and thinks Dad is way more fun than Mama.

-Cash loves to kick and move his cute little body around

-Bath time is the best time of the day!

-But tummy time is the absolute worst time of the day

-Wears some newborn clothes still + is now in 0-3. Just this last week made it to size 1 diapers!