Happy Mothers Day | 25 weeks

Sunday was my first time celebrating mothers day! (technically.. some people may not count it yet but I sure am!) We have wanted a family for so long and it makes it that much more special to me to finally become a mom :) I am so grateful to be pregnant with this little guy and that Braiden and I get to be parents real soon.

Happy 25 weeks!

-So. Much. Kicking. I think baby is breakdancing or practing his soccer skills in there or something because he moves constantly. Especially at night, in the morning, and when I'm sitting down at my computer. I still love it!! 

-Braxton hicks have started- I get them very frequently but had 2 the other day so I guess things are just practicing and getting ready for the big day!

-Crazy sciatica pain is gone for now- thank goodness!