7 Months

-Cash is sitting up like a champ now! 

-He loves his baby food. He loves grabbing the spoon so he can feed himself. (Which makes eating VERY messy and get everywhere.)

-He is loving books more now, still loves jumping in his jumparoo, and basically doesnt stop moving. 

-Still sleeping amazing (We're talking 12 hours straight at night, and 3 naps during the day.) 

-Still so giggly and smiley. He literally lights up a room and smiles at everyone. Just say "hi" to him and he'll give you a huge grin. Everyone that sees us out and about always says how happy and smiley he is! And its so true! Never met a more happy baby! 

-wearing 6-9 month clothes but is growing out of some of them. blowing my mind how big he is getting. slow down!

-no teeth yet! i feel his bottom 2 teeth under there though, so I feel like any time they could pop through!

-loves our dog asher more and more each day and gets SO excited when asher licks his toes or when asher comes near him. asher on the other hand, keeps his distance haha.