22 Weeks

I want to try and be better at documenting my pregnancy so here we go! We hit 22 weeks and honestly this pregnancy feels like it is flying by. I can't believe we are already MORE than halfway there to meeting our little guy. A few things as of lately:

-Morning sickness is still hanging around.. I am taking a Unisom + B6 every night per my doctor though. I've been taking that since about week 14 since the nausea and throwing up daily wasn't going away. It has been a miracle worker but for some reason about once a week I still get sick randomly. BUT, I will take being sick once a week over being sick every single day without fail. So looking on the bright side and calling it a win! 

-PAIN. Sciatica pain and round ligament pain have both come on like crazy this week. The worst is when I'm trying to sleep, I can barely move some nights.  

-Baby boy moves and kick so much! It's my absolute favorite thing ever. Baby started moving around 19 weeks and every week the movements and kicks get stronger and stronger. Braiden first felt him from the outside of my belly at 20 weeks. It's so fun and I love it! I feel like we have an active little guy on our hands!