4 Months Old

Cash is such a happy baby- give him a smile and he'll give you a huge grin. His smile is my favorite. 

Cash learned how to roll from tummy to back and doesn't mind tummy time now! He's lifting his head super well! 

He also learned how to blow bubbles and it's literally the cutest thing ever. 

Cash had his first Christmas and it was so much fun! We got to spend time with all of our families which was so special. 

Cash puts everything in his mouth (so much drool!) and found his toes- he loves grabbing them and pulls his socks off all the time!

His sleeping has regressed (thanks 4 month sleep regression...) but we are ready to sleep train here pretty soon once we move to Texas. Mama wants her sleep back!

Cash had his first cold which was no fun. He lingered on for 1.5 weeks but is all better now. It's the worst seeing your child sick!

Loves his Jumperoo and could jump all. day. long. He has a blast in it!

He is wearing 3 month + 3-6 month clothes,  in size 2 diapers, and is 13lbs 11 oz and 24.5 inches long. He is on the smaller end of the charts but his pediatrician says its because he is such an active boy! He even commented on how much of a mover he was at his 4 month check up... just like his dad! 

Time is flying by and we are in shock at how grown up Cash is. He is the light of our lives and is so much fun!!