Cocoa Beach | 27 Weeks

On Sunday we drove to the coast and went to Cocoa beach! My little sis served her LDS mission in this area and this is the beach she told us to go to. There's also a huge Ron Jon's Surf Shop that we had to stop off at. The guys played catch in the water while I floated around and enjoyed the warm water. The sand was burning hot so we hurried and snagged theses photos while our feet secretly were on fire! Love this handsome man of mine, summertime, and our growing baby boy! Just embracing my new "summer bod" and rocking a bikini ;) 

27 weeks! Crazy to think that this coming Friday is the start to my THIRD trimester. 

-Back aches galore!

-It's been hard sleeping and I just wake up all night long either to pee or to try and get comfortable. It's harder to get in and out of bed these days with the belly getting bigger haha! 

-Baby still is an active little guy. He gets the craziest when I lay on my side and he kicks and punches on both of my sides- gets very uncomfortable but also fun to see him so active in there! 

-Also got my glucose test results back and everything came back good! No gestational diabetes, woohoo! I thought the drink actually tasted pretty good- just like a melted orange popsicle! In the hour between drinking the drink and getting my blood drawn I was just super nauseous and felt really icky; Probably due to the fact that I didn't eat much beforehand. But not bad at all! Also, at my last appointment I was 125 lbs. I started at 117 lbs at my first doctors appointment at 10 weeks so not too much weight gain yet!