Hawaii 2016 Trip

In December of 2016 right before Christmas we went on a vacation to Hawaii with Braiden's work! We had an absolute blast! We went to Hawaii on our honeymoon 2 years before so it was lots of fun going back to the same island and making more memories. Our trip was jam packed with so many fun activities and day trips exploring the island but probably one of the most memorbale things that happened was we found out we were pregnant! I was 3 days late and we had had a long day hiking diamond head, riding scooters around, hiking to a waterfall, and then ending the night in the hot tub. (oops) I told Braiden if I didn't start my period the next day then I would take a test. He told me to just go down to the store at our hotel and buy one- why not! So I ended up buying one and taking the test that night and sure enough right away 2 pink lines appeared!! Definitely a moment we will never forget. We were so shocked because after trying for over 1.5 years we were so used to being let down with negative tests that I just couldn't believe it finally happened! So, here are just a few of my favorite images of the trip! Enjoy! To see a video my husband made- click right HERE